I’ve recently embarked on a task of the monumental proportions – to watch the entire canon of films which have won Best Picture (or equivalent) at the Academy Awards.

The purpose of this blog is a) to help convince those of you who are also considering undertaking this most immeasurable of challenges to take it up, and b) to help those of you undertaking this same mission to further engage with the films if you’re like me and enjoy having a good think afterwards.

If you live in a country outside of the United States, you might have trouble tracking down many of the early films.  I know I sure did.  I’m lucky enough to live very close a world-class video shop, Aro Video, which has a copy of nearly every one of the films.  The ones which are missing are only so beause they have never been released in New Zealand.  If you’re stuck in a similar predicament, you can find the movies at The Pirate Bay, but remember, downloading might be illegal and you can never beat an authentic edition!