Gone With The Wind (1939)

Gone With The Wind (1939)

Wow.  How does one begin to do justice to a film which is so perfect in pitch, tone and presentation that it remains embedded in our collective conscious as one of the greatest feats of visual narrative ever bestowed upon us?  I am humbled by its magnificence.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this film; Gone With The Wind is perfect.

Sprawling across decades and hinged upon the effects of the American Civil War, this is the epitome of the epic.  The narrative is elaborate and grandiose, but more importantly paced and edited to perfection.  From the length of the shots to the motion of the picture on the screen, every aspect of the film is designed to tune the viewer into the film’s world.  Eased in gently with long, extended shots, the characters and plot are unfolded with the kind of skill that takes a lifetime to develop.

And the colours!  Oh man, the colours.  Everything that has been seen before Gone With The Wind is blown out of the water by these rich and deliberate combinations of colour.  Being against the norm for the time, every tone is chosen with precision and purpose, from firey reds to rich greens and back again.

At four hours long you would think the film would drag on, but with a little preparation it’s easy to settle in for the long haul and be taken away by what is, for me, the epitome of great film.  I can’t write any more because the film speaks for itself.  Spectacular visuals, engrossing story, luscious soundtrack…Gone With The Wind is absolutely everything a film should be.  Plus, Clarke Gable and Vivien Leigh: two of the hottest lead actors you will ever see.


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